Our reading services are a combination of a scientific reading of your energies with the Bio-Well GDV Camera, the discussion of your results and simultaneous intuitive aura reading  by an energetic practitioner. That way you can understand your condition better, discover your blockages and find practical solutions for your every day life.


We recognise the fact that every person is different. So we created +Energy Solutions where we offer a personalised journey according to your needs.

You will discover the underlying issues of your blockages and what is holding you back in life.  We will guide you in releasing stress, pain, fear, blame or traumatic experience.
Empower yourself in a workshop where you get to pick up and embody new belief systems and life skills to live a more fulfilling life!


We offer solutions for you to​

increase productivity & resilience in your employees by letting  go of our attachment to thinking and creating mindfulness- based achievement

increase compassion, self- and emotional awareness to create better, effective leaders and overall a more conscious company

increase teamwork by building, preserving and growing  trust and relational skills within your working unit.


In the following situations, a close and intimate conversation can make you understand your pet better to solve difficulties and create positive changes for all involved:

•Inexplicable pet behaviour

•Major changes in your life e.g.; moving, vacation, a new baby, a separation 

•Physical or emotional illness of your pet

•Message from/to your beloved passed-on pet

•End-of-life support

We also offer you the unique opportunity to learn how to communicate with animals yourself. According to your preferences you can choose between individual coaching or workshops.


The Golden Space Global offers retreats all over the world - to Nepal, India, Indonesia, Thailand, the USA, Nepal, Greece, Egypt and the UK.

Soon we will also offer weekend retreats in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


The Golden Space’s Flagship Program


idaaa a Life-Transformational Journey towards Self-Discovery, Self-Mastery, Enlightenment, Happiness and Success-in-Life Program


In a playful and fun way we connect children with nature, its animals, trees and plants.
We make children explore, accept and transform their feelings in a positive way. In doing so, we give them the opportunity to communicate and deal with themselves, other children and everyone around them in a more loving and peaceful way.


Meditation is a non-religious universal art – a path towards self-realization and enlightenment. It is a spiritual way to relax, re-focus and quiet our mind and thoughts – making it a very useful tool in today’s fast-paced and demanding life.


After a short introductory dialogue, we work energetically on your specific topics. 

Energetic treatments can clear your blockages, alleviate your symptoms and boost your energy levels.

The treatment itself takes place fully dressed on a therapy bed.

After the treatment we have a closing conversation about your personal needs.

What do we believe in?

We believe in you!


Hear What They’re Saying

"I attended Nia Beyerlein's meditation class at The Golden Space Indonesia and lay down for the meditation session. Before the session, Nia made me aware that my left leg was shorter than my right leg. I had not realised this all my life, but thought of how this had affected my recent swelling on the left side of my back.

I went through the meditation session and when Nia asked me to measure my legs again, they were the same length now! I was shocked about how fast the alignment of my body could be done and so happy with my future health I could have !

Thank you Nia for the alignment, I am grateful for your help on my health."

Inggrid Wardani

Co-Founder of MY PATH

"Silvia hat wunderbare Kommunikationen mit meinem Herzkater geführt. Sie ist eine empathische Frau, die eine starke Verbindung mit ihrem Spirit pflegt. Ich mag sie und ihre Arbeit wirklich sehr!!!"

Marjam Beyg

Diplom Sozialpädagogin

"The Golden Space - lebe dein höchstes Potential. Doch wie lebt man sein höchstes Potential, wenn man Blockaden in sich hat, die man nicht bereit ist aufzubrechen? Mein 4-Augen-Gespräch mit Pascal endete in Tränen. Der Workshop, den ich anschließend von The Golden Space besuchte, ebenfalls. Somit entschied ich mich, eine Einzelsitzung bei Nia zu nehmen. Bereits nach wenigen Minuten konnte ich fühlen, wie sich etwas in mir löste. Es geht nicht darum mit einem einzigen Sprung den Berg zu erklimmen. Es reicht, wenn man ihn Schritt für Schritt erobert. Ich habe nach wie vor ein Problem mit Verlust. Aber dank The Golden Space bin ich bereit das zu erkennen und daran zu arbeiten. Und ich merke, es wird besser. Nicht einfacher, aber besser. Ich beginne mich der Thematik zu stellen."

Jeanne Jirges

Geschäftsführerin J. L. Jirges Graphic Design