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Improved Wellbeing.
Improved Business.

We improve the way you work

The Golden Space develops high-performing individuals to build a harmonious work culture that improves your business performance. We partner with global corporations to support and grow their people’s behaviour to become better at what they do – at home and at work.


Our training programs are designed to boost engagement, improve resiliency and encourages peak performances. These carefully curated programs helps employees, teams and leaders to steer the organisation under extreme changes in the world today.

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About The Golden Space

The Golden Space is a global wellness organization that focuses on life transformation. Founded in Singapore in 2005, we have transformed the lives of thousands through our non-religious and universal self-discovery, personal growth programs. We are the only meditation, life transformation, holistic & healing centre in Singapore to receive the APAC-Insider Award for the 'Best Global Wellness Transformation Organization" in 2021, the Asia Pacific Brands Award 2015, STCM 2010 & 2009 Successful Entrepreneur Certification™ by Singapore Today under the "Gold Category" and the 2013 Singapore Outstanding Enterprise Award.

Our Clients
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Your Business Coach

Pascal provides global strategy coaching to businesses and top executives to assist in achieving their long-term goals. His aim is to guide them in navigating the fast-changing business environment. Pascal's passion is the corporate world, especially business coaching through private sessions and workshops for the upper management and teams to help them reach their highest potential.

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Aufgrund einer internen Umstrukturierung des Konzerns wurden mehrere Abteilungen aufgelöst und Personen gekündigt. Nach dem ersten Schock hat mich Pascals Outplacement-Coaching emotional unterstützt und inspiriert einen neuen Job zu suchen. Aufgrund seiner Hilfe bei der Aktualisierung meiner Bewerbungsunterlagen und das Training der Verhaltensmuster bei Bewerbungen hat meinen Selbstwert immens gesteigert. Weiters wurden verschiedene Bewerbungsfragen durchgesprochen und wie man am Besten auf verschiedene Situationen reagiert.

Dank Pascals intensiver Unterstützung hatte ich bereits nach zwei Monaten zwei Optionen, wo ich anfangen konnte. Ohne ihn hätte ich noch nicht einmal angefangen, eine neue Stelle zu suchen.


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