The Golden Space is a leading global holistic health and wellness organisation. Founded in Singapore in 2005 by Master Umesh H. Nandwani and Ms Sushila Devi, it has transformed the lives of thousands through its self-discovery personal growth programmes. Through meditation classes, healing consultations, workshops, retreats and corporate programmes, The Golden Space continues to build on its powerful belief in awakened human beings living in peaceful, loving and caring existence. It further supports its mission in actions of commitment towards a clean and green world for all through its community-based sustainability initiative - Guardians of Mother Earth.


The Golden Space® is a multi-national company with its centres in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The Golden Space® is opening to Europe to bring it's world-renowned "Awaken ~ the Divine You®" Program back to Europe. We are based in Vienna, but through our network of centres offer the program and our services internationally also. Check out our other locations here. 



The Golden Space is an international organisation providing healing, meditation, and transformational services in both the individual and corporate arenas. The founder, Master Umesh H. Nandwani along with his partner and co-founder Sushila Devi, followed their calling and commenced teaching in Singapore, and Australia in 2003, continuing to open the first centre in January 2005 in Singapore. With a demand for the powerful and effective services growing, The Golden Space continued to grow, establishing centres in Malaysia and Indonesia. We offer our diverse programs, powerful workshops and bespoke services in many other countries throughout the world, including China, UAE, USA, UK, AU, with many other key international locations opening soon.