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Meditation is a non-religious, universal practice to relax, release stress, re-focus and quiet your mind, thoughts and emotions – making it a very useful tool in today’s fast-paced and demanding stressful life.


At The Golden Space, we provide options to start and practice meditation. Get a taste of the various classes offered, learn to meditate at your own pace, choose the one that suits you the most, incorporate it into your lifestyle and start to enhance and transform your health, relationship, work, wealth and life.


The ABCs of Meditation

A Mindful and Wellness Approach to the Modern World

In this 4-week-program, learn from our highly experienced facilitators what meditation is and how to meditate properly. Start a regular meditation practice and see how your health and life improves. You will be supported with guided meditations which you can download for your daily practice.



A perfect balance of science and mindfulness, the ABCs of Meditation will empower anyone to master meditation with tips, tools and a 30-day workbook so you can easily digest and implement quickly.

What our clients say

Fascinating - Wow - I am more positive - I feel more - Amazing
Inspirational - Thankful - New beginning - Touching - Very effective

"Pascal hat mich in 4 Wochen auf sehr charmante Art in die  Meditation geführt.

Seine positive Energie überträgt sich sogar via Zoom und er geht auf beeindruckende Weise wertfrei auf Menschen zu und vermittelt so ein Gefühl, dass alles in Ordnung und nicht gut oder schlecht ist, sondern bestimmt einen Nutzen erfüllt, auch wenn dieser nicht auf den ersten Blick ersichtlich ist. Mir hat der Kurs gezeigt, wie wichtig es ist, aus einen spannenden Alltag auch in die Entspannung zu gehen, weil nur dadurch Wachstum möglich ist. Danke Pascal für diese Erfahrung."
Mario Grabner, Owner of myNLP 

Moon Meditations


Full Moon meditation is a platform for you to do self-contemplation and energy work.

To prepare and positively transform your life.

Align with the special and important once-in-a-lifetime cosmic events,
living powerfully with COSMIC FORCE!


According to SSRF (Spiritual Science Research Foundation) there is an effect based on gravitational pull of the moon.

When the moon is full or new, the gravitational pull of the moon and sun are combined. The moon exerts a pull on the earth on other days too, but it is not as powerful as on the days of full moon and new moon.

Let's suppose we were to take in a deep breath, the air sucked into our mouth is three times as much as a normal breath. Now let’s translate this analogy to the moon and its pull on the earth. During full moon and new moon days the whole moon pulls earth and the effect is as if in the earlier analogy the moon was taking a deep breath. We find that the circular atmosphere of three times the size of the moon is attracted by the earth.


During Full Moon, the moon is at the height of her energy, therefore the best time to raise the biggest amount of energy for work of any kind.

Every Full Moon marks an energetic peak, which shines a bright beam on whatever is coming full-circle into our life, highlighting culminations, realizations, manifestations in the world of five senses.

Don’t miss this opportunity! It’s cleansing time.

Do you want to release things in your life?

Do you want to let go old negative emotions, people, habits, old belief systems which no longer serve you?

Do you want to achieve your dreams?

Do you want to tear all the walls that surround you?

Do you want to recharge yourself with the new energy?

The perfect opportunity in full moon energy to let go of all that no longer serves you.

Let’s ground your energy back and lets co-create with full moon energy to take you to your higher purpose.



Your time - your decision - your development


The Me Time Meditation is intended for those who want to change their lives in a record time.

Self-worth, self-love, self-confidence and many other topics are waiting for you. Strengthen your personality through the Me Time meditation!


We are international certified meditation leaders who followed retreats and courses all over the world. 

We are committed to your self discovery, transformation & empowerment.

It's all about growth,
come discover the master within you!