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Real-life Stories. Authentic Specialists.

We believe that the best teachers are the ones who are authentic. Our instructors and speakers are internationally certified and share their real life experiences and transformational tools that have catalyzed their personal growth.

All Certified Meditation Instructors have successfully completed Instructors Level Certification Course Level 2 and higher retreats by Master Umesh H. Nandwani.


Let their raw & real stories inspire you to action



Pascal Dricot

Managing Director of The Golden Space GmbH

Board of Director at The Golden Space Global
Business coach
Certified psychosocial counsellor

Certified meditation and workshop facilitator

Former Act. Vice President of an international top 5 DAX company in Indonesia

Pascal provides global strategy coaching to businesses and top executives to assist in achieving their long-term goals. His aim is to guide them in navigating the fast-changing business environment.

As a child, Pascal was bullied and an introvert. Because of the way he was growing up, he found out the hard way how to be in the driver’s seat of your own career till he became vice president of an international electronic company (Act.) in Indonesia.

During the life-transformational program “Awaken ~ The Divine You” he had his breakthrough that there is a much easier way to have abundance in all areas of life.

His passion is the corporate world, especially business coaching through private sessions and workshops for the upper management and teams to help them reach their highest potential.

Thanks to Pascal's business strengths, which are strategy, business development, people management and visionary mindset, he can develop business owners very fast, since he uses a wide range of holistic methods.

He loves to change the mindset of successful managers who have a lot of stress and the feeling that their efforts are never enough. For being successful can be easy and does not have to be a burden on their shoulders.

He also helps companies with the outplacement of their managers through improving their self-awareness, discovering their hidden abilities and increasing their authenticity to make them solid as a rock.

In a nutshell, Pascal wants to empower each person so that they can anchor a conscious life to be truly successful.


Nia Tursari - Beyerlein

Physical Alignment Specialist

Personal Growth Catalyst

Psychic Medium

Certified Meditation Instructor

Nia is a naturally gifted clairvoyant from a very young age. She is able to see energies and spirits all around her. Since she was a child, she has loved to be outdoors, this has given her intuitive feelings, the connection and communication with nature and also with the animals. Thanks to these experiences she learnt unconditional love, empathy, patience & compassion. With this gift, she helps people and the animals through her workshops and private sessions.


In her childhood & her adulthood, she faced turbulences in her life, which created a lot of ups & downs in her emotions & mind. Nia then embarked on an international self-transformation and self-discovery program called " Awaken The Divine You ". She traveled to Nepal, India, Thailand, USA, Peru, Greece, Egypt, Ireland and UK to complete Mastery level workshops. Nia also completed Instructor Certification Course Level 1 and Level 2 as a certified meditation facilitator. She is one of the co-authors of “Walking with the Master: Answering the Divine’s call."


She found her life purpose through her life experiences, realisations & her spiritual journey. In her workshop " The path of self-healing" she shares the empowering tools to change clients' mind-set and heart-set in order to encourage them to achieve their well-being (body, mind and heart). In her signature “self-enhancement” workshops, she wants to inspire people, share her knowledge and practices to the participants how to enhance their body posture, leg length discrepancy and spine issues. She also shares her tools and modalities how to balance and align energetically.


As an animal communicator, she loves to help the clients to get a better understanding of their animal's well-being (emotionally and physically) and how to help the client to find the best solutions to improve their animals' condition mentally, physically and energetically.


Nia travels to The Golden Space Centers (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, UK) to facilitate her workshops as well as meditation classes. As a practitioner, she uses a variety of healing modalities (Theta healing, Reiki, Tibetan singing bowl therapy, crystals and pure essential oils).


Now, Nia is expanding her life journey to Europe and living her life purpose to awaken the world by helping people through The Golden Space Europe. Nia is the program director, a certified meditation facilitator and in-house practitioner of The Golden Space GmbH.


Silvia Wagner

Operation Director of The Golden Space GmbH

Certified Mindfulness Trainer for Educational Institutions

Certified Meditation and Workshop Facilitator

Certified Pet Communicator and Energy Practitioner (Humans & Pets)

Former Grammar School Teacher (English & French)

Silvia holds a university degree of the state of Bavaria, Germany, to teach English and French at grammar schools. She has always practiced learning methods that empower students to teach and collaborate with fellow learners. Silvia was also the driving force to create a fairtrade school to bring awareness about working conditions, protection of nature and its animals in our daily lives as consumers.


Since 2013 she has been practicing pet communication and various energy healing modalities professionally. With her passionate work she has helped hundreds of animals and their owners and trained people worldwide how to deeply connect with, understand and support their beloved pets and themselves on an energetic level.


Silvia also holds a certificate of mindfulness fundamentals from Mindful Schools and worked with children of different nationalities during her expatriation in Jakarta, Indonesia. Now she is open to all kind of educational facilities in Europe to train personnel in basics of mindfulness and teach children about emotional intelligence, empathy, intuition, self-love and self-empowerment.


In 2017, she started her self-transformation journey in joining the International Certification Program “Awaken the Divine You” in Jakarta, Indonesia. Under the guidance of Master Umesh H. Nandwani, the founder of The Golden Space organization worldwide, she took part in the retreats to Nepal, Indonesia, India, Thailand, the USA and Peru. Next year she will continue her self-mastering journey in Greece and Egypt.

In 2018 Silvia was also internationally certified to facilitate meditation sessions and workshops through Instructor’s Certification Course Level 1&2 in Phuket, Thailand. She is a natural, enthusiastic teacher and loves doing her job in a very light way. Her laughter is simply an ice-breaker.

Silvia is a natural empath and feels her environment deeply. She is a bridge builder in every aspect - between humans and their pets, children and their families and in all kinds of relationships. Her mission is to bring back joy, peace and love by deeply understanding one another. Silvia‘s aim is a balanced life that leads to happiness, health and harmony.

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