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Let’s Turn Bottlenecks into Breakthroughs With Better Outplacement Opportunities

How Well Is Your Team Prepared for a Change?

Change is the only constant!


With the ever-changing dynamics of the corporate world, there's a chance that you might need your company's staff to be able to embrace it.


This is where we step in. Our extensive experience with outplacement opportunities takes the burden away from HR managers by helping displaced employees with mental resilience and the transition into a new job.


Before The Golden Space

❌ Your team feel lost as they don’t have a clear idea about what to do with their career.

❌ Your team feel like changing their profession, but don't know how.

❌ Your team members are out on the market on their own and don’t know how to get by.

❌ Your team has this uncertainty "what now?" and don’t know how to embrace change.

❌ Or do your team members feel like actively reorienting themselves and want to get the best out of it?

After The Golden Space

 Your team talks things through, map things out and finally understand what everybody wants.

 Your team gets to know the exact steps they need to change their career.

 You confidently let them chase their dream job because they know where to find it.

 Your team no longer feel clueless about what you want and are ready to embrace change.

 Your team pivots themselves according to change and make the most out of the transition.


It all starts from within. Once an individual has a clear idea of who they are and what they want, nothing can stop them anymore. And we help you achieve that by leveraging our holistic optimization approach. The desired results can only be achieved by working on every aspect of your employees' personalities.


Having a clear vision of what you want and your next steps.


Strengthening your personality, transformation and behavior optimization.


Getting support with your application documents and your job interview.


Being more authentic and stable in everyday life and during your job interview.


Meet Your Guide


What happens when you take mindfulness and heartfulness out of corporate?


It creates hollow individuals who are somewhat lost in the grander scheme of things.


But I believe in changing that!


With over 17 years of corporate experience, my goal with The Golden Space is to empower managers by helping them discover their potential so that they can be the change makers of the future.

Here's What the Employees Get When You Join Our Outplacement Programme 

✅ Self-awareness

They get to discover who they are, both professionally and privately. And on top of that, they learn the things that drive them and the things that make them tick. 

✅ Discover your potential

Are your team members doing justice to their potential? Together we go on a journey to discover their hidden abilities as well as the behavior patterns that are currently holding them back from being even more successful.

✅ Inculcating authenticity

The number one thing your team needs to land their dream job is, to be honest and authentic. Learn what goes on behind the scenes of an interview and how you can come across as the ideal candidate to HR managers by leveraging honesty and authenticity.

✅ Self-analysis

Your team needs to understand what they are good at to achieve the job of their dreams. This is where they receive a gap analysis of the missing qualifications for the position they desire.

✅ Help with
application documents

We help your team optimize their application documents and give them honest feedback. This allows them to have another pair of eyes to review the documents and help them see the shortcomings like never before.

✅ Acing interviews

Interviews are often the last step you need to cross in order to enter a life you could once only dream about. That's why we prepare your team members properly for the interview by practicing together, e.g. handling crucial questions during the interview.

✅ Negotiating contracts

What do your team members often do when it comes to negotiating contracts? Do they flinch, appear worried or clueless? That will stop because we’re going to prepare them how contracts work and how they can negotiate correctly and increase their value.

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