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Have you lost your job or do you want to change professionally?


You have this uncertainty "what now?" or do you want to actively reorient yourself and to get the best out of it?


We support you in making the change easier for you and offer you the chance to live more abundantly!


We are happy to be by your side!



1) Self-awareness:
Where are you now, both professionally and privately? What do you love about your job and, above all, why? What drives you to do this job? What means something to you in your life? What do you want to keep and what do you want to change?

2) Analysis:
What exactly are your strengths, your capacities? You will receive a gap analysis with your qualifications for your next position you desire.

3) Your potential:
Are you already living your highest potential? Together we go on a journey to discover your hidden abilities. We uncover behavior patterns that are currently holding you back from being even more successful.

4) Application documents:
We help you optimize your application documents and give you honest feedback.

5) Authenticity:
Are you authentic? How do you get across to others and how can you keep your calm in an interview? Find out what HR managers are looking at. What is going on behind the scenes?

6) Interview:
We prepare you properly for the interview by practicing together. Ask the crucial questions during the interview.

7) Contract poker:
Which parts are negotiable? How can you negotiate correctly and increase your value?


  • Strategically
    Having a clear vision of what you want and your next steps.


  • Personally
    Strengthening your personality, transformation and behavior optimization.


  • Structurally
    Getting support with your application documents and your job interview.


  • Emotionally
    Being more authentic and stable in everyday life and during your job interview.

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