During Full Moon, the moon is at the height of her energy, therefore the best time to raise the biggest amount of energy for work of any kind.

Every Full Moon marks an energetic peak, which shines a bright beam on whatever is coming full-circle into our life, highlighting culminations, realizations, manifestations in the world of five senses.


Full Moon meditation is a platform for you to do self-contemplation and energy work.

To prepare and positively transform your life.

Align with the special and important once-in-a-lifetime cosmic events,
living powerfully with COSMIC FORCE!


Don’t miss this opportunity! It’s cleansing time.

Do you want to release things in your life?

Do you want to let go old negative emotions, people, habits, old belief systems which no longer serve you?

Do you want to achieve your dreams?

Do you want to tear all the walls that surround you?

Do you want to recharge yourself with the new energy?

The perfect opportunity in full moon energy to let go of all that no longer serves you.

Let’s ground your energy back and lets co-create with full moon energy to take you to your higher purpose.



1. 29th January  (WOLF MOON)

2. 27th February  (SNOW MOON)

3. 28th March  (SEED MOON)

4.  27th April  (PINK MOON)

5. 25th May  (SPRING FLOWERS)

6. 22th June  (ROSE MOON)

7. 24th July  (BLESSING MOON)

8. 22nd August  (RED MOON)

9. 21st September  (HARVEST MOON)

10. 19th October  (HUNTER MOON)

11. 19th November  (BEAVER MOON)

12. 19th December  (ELDER MOON)


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Full Moon Series

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