Energetic treatments can clear your blockages, alleviate your symptoms and boost your energy levels.

The treatment itself takes place fully dressed on a therapy bed or online.

After the treatment we have a closing conversation about your personal needs.


You can choose a private journey package consisting of 5 privates sessions of 60 minutes
Possible topics of a private session:

  • De Stress & Rejuvenation
  • work on self-image (e.g. self-love)
  • communication issues
  • Posture Enhancement & Alignment
  • RISE YOUR VIBRATIONS ( sound bath therapy)
  • Trauma Intervention (declutter your past & present traumas)
  • Fertility counseling
  • Inner child Healing
  • Transformative Chakra Alignment
  • Energy Masculine & Feminine Balancing
  • Past Life Regression & Claim your power
  • Intuitive Holistic counseling

Private Sessions - Private Journey

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