The Goddesses Reunification is a platform of learning, reunification and celebration with the 12 powerful Goddesses.


The femininity is sacred for everyone and it’s time to embrace your true self and bring the gentle and yet powerful energy into you.


Once a month, in a two-hour session Nia Beyerlein will represent the 12 Powerful Goddesses. In this session you will learn about their powers, their strengths and their essences (their specific power).


You will learn about the goddess and how to tap into her special elements to inspire, empower, enlighten and re-activate your own power and embrace your own uniqueness.


Goddesses Reunification Meditation is intended for those who want to improve and connect deeper with their inner calling and co-create their own strength to re-claim their power!


The key of this session is to manifest your desires with the goddess' help, guidance, connection and receive activations from the goddess.


This is the era of men and women embracing their masculinity and femininity and create the true power, strength and balance in their life!


It’s time to reunite and celebrate with the Goddesses!

It’s time to bring balance within you!

It’s time to co-create the magic and miracles in your life!



1. 17th January  (ISIS)

2. 7th February  (APHRODITE)

3. 14th March  (PELE)

4. 11th April  (DEWI SRI)

5. 16th May  (KUAN YIN)

6. 13th June  (DANU)

7. 11th July  (AINE)

8. 15th August  (SEKHMET)

9. 12th September  (LAKSMI)

10. 10th October  (ARTEMIS)

11. 14th November  (KALI)

12. 12th December  (YEMENYA)


Location:  online

The Goddesses reunification

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