What we believe in and do.

We bring the world-renowned "Awaken ~ the Divine You®" program and a full program of positive life-enhancing experiences to Europe. We transform humans through meditation classes, healing consultations, workshops, retreats and corporate programs.
The result, humans living in peaceful, loving and caring existence.


The Golden Space® is a leading global holistic health and wellness organisation. Founded in Singapore in 2005 by Master Umesh H. Nandwani and Ms Sushila Devi, it has transformed the lives of thousands through its self-discovery personal growth programs.


A World of Oneness


Awaken humanity through holistic living to rebalance all social and ecological sytems on Earth


We Live & Lead with Our Hearts

Let our heart be our compass. When we are fully honest and transparent with each other, integrity becomes our natural way of life. Everything that we do is to serve for the highest good of all.

We Just Fly & Do It!

Be Limitless. We fulfil our mission joyfully and happily. We do everything with ease, trust and faith. We give with all our hearts and co-create miracles together! Anything is possible with Trust!

We Love Unconditionally

We Love Unconditionally

Love, care, compassion, understanding and respect are the pillars we live by. Embrace and accept ourselves and others without any conditions.

We are Uniquely United

We are One. We co-exist as one family working together towards our highest purpose. Our strength is our diversity. Together we are unique in our expression, united in our mission.

We Honour Our Differences

We Honour Our Differences

How we treat each other is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. We listen to each other’s views with understanding and kindness. Our diversity and differences makes us stronger in our purpose.

We are Gaia-Centric

We are a part of Gaia. We are all interconnected. Every action we take is in partnership with Mother Earth and all living beings. By remembering the origins of our existence, we return to our natural state of harmony and balance.

We are Authentic & Real

We are Authentic & Real

Be who we truly are! We are real in our expression and our approach in life. We are fearless in speaking our truth to the world. When we are authentic we shine our brightest light.

We Live in Total Balance

We Live in Total Balance

Life is all about balance. We strive to be balanced physically, emotionally and spiritually. Total wellness is about nurturing our body and our life as a whole. We believe in work life balance!